EQL PS6000: RAID LUN 0 Faulted Beyond Recovery


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EQL PS6000: RAID LUN 0 Faulted Beyond Recovery

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I have a problem on an EQUALLOGIC PS 6000.

Following a restart it is impossible to access the data.

I logged in console because the network stops responding and i have this message:
The storage array is still initializing. Limited commands will be available unt il the initialization is complete. Please try again later.

I also have: RAID LUN 0 Faulted Beyond Recovery.

On this Equallogic, there is only one RAID 50 witch 16 HDD and 4 of them are in default  

Thanks for your help

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  • Hello sir,

    I offer you to open a case at own support.

    Could please send to me the TAG and you contact details in Private Message ?