RAID-10 PERC-200 several virtual disks

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RAID-10 PERC-200 several virtual disks

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I have a T-410 with 1 raid-1 made of 2x 1Tb sata on Perc-h200a. Disks are old. OS is win sbs 2011.


I will replace the 2x1Tb sata by 4x500Gb ssd. I would like to make 2 virtual disks of 500Gb each. Is it feasable with perc-h200a to connect 6 Hdds (the old ones and the new ones)?

I also read that perc-h200a is not so good about performance.

If I have to put another raid-controller, which one would you suggest (for win sbs 2011 and dell T410)?

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  • Hi,

    Could you send me in private the service tag of the T410?