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traitement de commande pendant 10 jours

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Je suis désolé, mais je ne parle pas bien français. Je vais devoir continuer en anglais.

I contact you because I'm concerned that something is wrong with my order. I ordered and paid Dell XPS 9560. Order number: ********

Following advice of your Order Management Associate, Mr Aduri Manoj, to make payment using bank transfer (after problems paying with my card), I paid on March 8th 2017, full amount — 2.248,81 Euros, asked by ‘Accusé de réception de commande’ received by Mr Aduri Manoj. Bank where I made the payment is SOGEFRPP SOCIETE GENERALE PARIS FONTENOY.

If needed, I can send you the Proof of payment (that I was asked from your client service and sent several times already).

After ten (10) days, my order is still under ‘order processing’ status. Four days ago, at March 13th 2017, I contacted your Customer Care / Service Client employee Ms Aicha Fettouch, and was asked by her to send proof of payment. That was the last time that my emails were answered, even though I sent asked proof of payment and two more emails looking for answer to my order status.

Your site states 24 hours as time needed for emails to be processed.

I also checked at the bank, and got assured that my payment was processed the same day.

So far I was concerned with date of delivery, because I'm traveling at 25.03.2017, and I can't postpone the departure. If computer is not delivered by 24.03.2017, I won't be able to use the computer for many months.

But now I'm concerned with what is happening with my order, and to be honest, with the significant amount of money I paid to your company.

Can you please inform me what is the state of my order, is there something I can do to remedy this situation, and what are the steps you will make?


Dusan Ristic

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  • Hello DMRISTIC,

    We apologize for the delay.

    I contacted the agent who is handling your request and she confirms me that your order is under investigation to know what's happening.

    We will reach you as soon as possible with further information.

    Kind regards,


  • Thank you, 

    I'm waiting for your response.

    All the best,

    Dusan Ristic

  • Hello DMRISTIC,

    We are sorry for the delay.

    The payment has been found and we will rebook your order as soon as possible.

    For any changement I suggest you to reach out Ms Aicha who is handling your Case.