XPS 15 9550 trackpad / touchpad

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XPS 15 9550 trackpad / touchpad

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I have the same rising touchpad problem as reported by at least one more user on 19 July in this forum. Internet search shows that this is a common problem with the XPS 9550 caused by battery inflation.

My 1 year guarantee has expired, but I would like to invoke my 2-year legal guarnatee as this is an error of the producer (having installed a battery that inflates in conditions of normal usage) that came with the product and only manifested itself later.

Please advise on how to proceed.



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  • Hello Leonard_vv,

    Could you please send me in a private message de Service Tag of your Dell XPS 9550.

    I just sent you right now an invite request of friendship.

    Wait for your answer.

    Have a nice day.